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Software Development – The Thoughts

leaf graphic I often think about being a software developer. One may compare this with being a painter or an artist. The biggest similarity between them is the “Creativity”. Probably both a software craftsman and a painter or an artist have the same feeling of pleasure when they are somewhere in the depth of the oceans of thought. A painter while running the brushes on the canvas would be feeling much similar to a coder translating the ideas and the feel into the code.
One would feel that he is experiencing a unique sort of relation in which he has some sort of “direct connection” with the Creator. These feelings are more of unexplainable, they cannot be explained in the words. Like one cannot feel what a person feels when he climbs a mountain or is flying a plane unless he himself goes through…

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An outstanding Java Developer’s Blog

Guys, i am sharing the link of a very good java blog run by an outstanding Java Developer and Architect. He is one of my remarkable teachers as well. I attended an Advanced Java course led by him. He is a SCJP, SCWCD, SCBCD and SCEA. You can find great techniques and solutions relating Java and OpenSource techs and much more.

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My Final Year Project Poster…!

May 8, 2011 2 comments

fyp poster

FYP poster

Hello Guys! this is my FYPs poster, a good photoshop work done by my group membersss:)

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Free Online Testing and Certifications…!!

April 6, 2011 Leave a comment

theres a free online testing and certification site. They are offering free online tests of various technologies like Java, dot net etc of varying levels like beginner, middle level and advanced and also give a certificate if you clear yours.
You have to register and login to start your test..!!
A good place for people looking to give professional exams for various certifications, to test their skills and preparation..!!

here’s the link to the Site

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