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2016’s first and last post…

2016 had been a sort of busy year..Couldn’t find time to write. Wrote a lot of code. Learnt new things some times but was so drenched in professional and personal routine that couldn’t think about any posts here.

It’s 14th December and 2016 is about to end. I am writing the first and probably the last post of this year. Planning to give more time to my blog in 2017 and writing more about Java, IT, Life and emotions.

For now posting this piece of poetry.

 “D E C E M B E R”

Teri yadon ki rawani or ye__________ __________________December
Meri batein , teri kahani or ye_______________________ December__!!

Mera hath tera sath , lambi sarak or ye ___________________December
Gum sum shaamain , sunehri raatain or ye _________December_______!!

Bheigy din , madham suraj , halky badal or ye_____________ _December
Behti nadiya , gaatay panchi , urti dhund or ye______________ December

Tanha me , tanha chand , mera kamra or yeh_______________ December
Meri ankhein , mere aansu , meri neend , tere khawab or ye December___!!

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