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Follow your thought and motivation..!!!

March 19, 2013 Leave a comment

At times at a plain simple moment in the life one may come to a situation where there are fears (of people, situations, outcomes and time) which may limit one to proceed or decelerate. The fears are best tackled by these things i believe:

  • Don’t run away from them
  • Convince yourself in a logical (whatever is a comfortable logic to you) about the minuteness and invaluable nature of the fears
  • Learn that you are you and no one others opinion or advice suits you (most of them are just critics) other than your own motivation, thoughts and love for your work or whatever.

Try to be yourself, the Simple Plain YOU and forget rest because you are unique and so is your work, thoughts, ideas, approach to do things, motivations, priorities and the way you have traveled so long to get where you are today.
Life starts becoming so simple and charming when you start becoming YOU and following your thought and motivation..

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Validate you JSON

March 4, 2013 Leave a comment

This is a great online utility for validating your JSON.
Catch it on this link: